Tuesday, 19 June 2007


On the 7th July (weather permitting) Skate-O-Rama in Brighouse (Nr Bradford) will be taking place and I can confirm they will be having a Girls Division and best of all entry is free!!! The Event will be sponsored by Vans and Nikita. I know that some of the Rogue riders will be out - so go support (and skate!) There will also be live bands throughout the day.

On August 18th Boardroom Skatepark in Leicester will be holding there 2nd Only-Girls night. This is a really fun park with a great mini and bowl and a good street section which has recently been revamped with a super nice ledge and rail. The one that took place last year was loads of fun and it's a great way to skate and meet up with other girl skaters. For more info go to http://www.theboardroomskatepark.co.uk/ you can also see a write about about the last jam at http://www.caughtinthecrossfire.com/skate/features/2689
if you know of any events please email: sherolls@yahoo.co.uk

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