Monday, 23 July 2007


Bored.........? Well go watch the Girl Skate Jam UK vid on youtube - -
it's kick-ass!!! Thanks to Claire Wilson from Learic3 for editing it.

Also there is a girls tour in the pipeline for this summer - 9 girls, 4 days, loads of skating, partying and causing havoc on the roads of the UK - more info to come soon............

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Evelien takes 1st at Mystic Cup

Evelien held her own against the American girls Lauren Perkins and Lacey Baker (who won it last year) at this years Mystic Cup which took place in Prague this weekend (13th-15th July 2007). Not UK entry's this year but the cup went home to Europe.
The final results where:

1 Evelien Bouilliart - BEL
2 Lauren Perkins - USA
3 Lacey Baker - USA
4 Jana Bartakova - CZE
5 Sasha Smirnova - RUS
6 Klara Kasparova - CZE
7 Jennifer De Sera - HOL
8 Anna Voronkova - RUS

Pic of the Week - Lois backside Air at NASS

If you have a good skate pic and would like to share it please email

Helena Long on Vans Flow

Good news good news for UK girl skater Helena Long who is now on the Vans UK Flow team - she also joins UK team riders Lois Pendlebury and Samantha Bruce. Helena who also rides for all-girl skate team Rogue Skateboards recently took 1st in the mini ramp section at the GSJUK, nailing some hand plants and blunts. Helena who is only 16 looks like she has bright future ahead of her in the skating world - well done!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Girls Skate Night

The second All Girl skate Night is going to be held on Sat 18th August once again at The Boardroom skatepark (big thanks for the support) Leicester. Last years Christmas jam was a big success but we are hoping to see some new faces this year. It's a really chilled atmosphere with no pressure - the guys are kicked out and the girls get the run of the place for 4hours. the park itself has recently gone under refurbishment and is looking better than ever, with a really nice mini, bowl and good street course. No excuses for the distance - a crew came up from London and Laura S travelled from South Wales - which involved 3 trains and a night in a dodgy hotel. If you are struggling with getting there please email and they will try make a plan for you (within reason). for more info and directions on getting to the park go to - its going be worth it!!

Girls skate Jam UK on Caught in the Crossfire

Caught in the crossfire - one of the most popular online skate zines has a review of the GirlSkate Jam UK that took place in June this year. Publicity like this is invaluable so go check out the article at

On the road - travels with Lois

Van's rider Lois Pendlebury has just returned from what sounded like an epic roadtrip around the skate spots of Europe. First off she went to Spain and skated the the parks, bowls and pools of Bilbao, chilled out on the beach's and hanged out with Roxy Rider and Bilbao local Ianirie. UK rider Emma Richardson also accompanied Lois on this leg of the trip, but returned home from Barcelona, which was the second big stop on the itinerary and a skaters heaven. Lois spent most of the time in barca chillin, eating good food, enjoying good music and taking in the architecture. She did get a skate in at the fun, dog and babie lovin Sitges skatepark. Next stop was off to Sweden and a stay at the one and only Jocke Ollson's house. They went off to Denmark, Copenhagen to skate at what was the describe a f**king huge vert - 14.5footer with 3ft vert, she didn't have her vert board with her so skating it with little wheels and small trucks must of been an experience but she managed to get some bs50-50, smiths and bs ollies down - hopefully some photo's will be on the way soon. From then most of the days where filled up with skating at stappelbaddsparten. The trip ended partying with Sarah and her Malmo crew at the Copenhagen Pro Contest, which was insane, with some of the best skaters (Getz, Berra, Miller etc) from around the going off. Who said being a skater doesn't pay!!!

Nikita Summer Camp

Nikita will be holding a 4 day summer skatecamp in the Czech Town Pardubice from the 23rd-26th August. The skatecamp is going to include - a lot of skating, breakdancing lessons and chillin at the water park. There will be Nikita riders Jana Baráková and Radka Janceková as well as french ripper Lisa Jacobs to guide you and provide tutorials. The camp price is only 150 euros (£101) which includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner, the camp photographer, tennis, breakdancing and other activities on offer at the leisure centre. The skate camp only has space for 17campers - and if you are interested on going on a skate camp this one seems like good value for money. For more info you can go to or

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Interview with Holly Lyons

Holly Lyons has been boarding for many years now and her skateboarding has allowed her to travel the world. She use to organise comps in her local area to raise funds to provide a skatepark and has done a lot to promote women in sport. She has just been invited to her 5th X Games. She Rolls caught up with Holly, for a quick fire interview......

First of all how did you get into skateboarding? When I was a teenager, my friend was going out with a pro skater. We would watch them skate and I wanted to learn. The guys were really cool and set me up with a skateboard and some shirts.

Did you find it hard balancing your studies with skateboarding? Yeah, I wanted to skate and snowboard a lot. It was hard but if you want to achieve anything in life you have to work for it, so I just did it. I'm glad I have a college degree too.

You use to organise amateur skateboard contest's, you must have found this quite stressful, but with the money you raise you managed to build a skate park in your town - what advice would you gives to others wanting to do the same thing? Actually it wasn't stressful it was really fun! I looked at it like a school project and just did my best. It felt really good being a part of getting a skate park built in my town. If others want to do it, you just have to do it. Make mock fliers and send them to skate companies and call them. A lot of companies are willing to donate product for prizes and a raffle and the entrance fee is used to raise money. That won't be enough for a park but It's a way to been seen and a really good way to get big companies(Grocery stores, dept. stores, etc.) in your town to donate money, or help city council see the positive side of having a park and they will give you the money. City council gave us $150,000. So, money is available in each town, you just have to find it. Be creative!

You have skated in the X Games every year since 2004, in this time have you seen a drastic increase in the standard of the girl riders? Yeah, girls are getting better and better every year. It's really cool!

You have worked as a skateboard double on various TV shows and films, how did you get into that? It just came to me. I am little so I guess someone suggested me, and from there I got other work. TV work is so much fun!

Do you ever worry about taking a bad slam? I try not to think like that. Just do my best and that's all I can do.

You mainly skate vert but do you ever skate street contests? No
Who do you look up to, who is your favourite skater? Chris Miller and Rune Glifberg
You currently have a pro deck with Cool Girl skateboards, did you design the board? Yeah, I worked with the owner and we came up with a cool Louis Vuitton style board, I love it.

You do a lot of travelling and tours - have your ever skated in the UK? If so what did you think? I wish I have but no, I've never skated in the UK.

There is a lot of girl’s contests in America, this allows the girls to push each other and learn off others, in the UK we only have one girls-only event a year, what advice would you give us to promoting the sport over here in the UK? Just network and try to make more happen. I don't have any profound advice, but with anything in life, "If there is a will there is a way." From the one girls event you have, all the girls can work together to make more happen. There is power in numbers. Good luck!

Where is skateboarding taking you next? What plans do you have for the rest of the year? US Open of Surfing/Soul Bowl, X Games 13, Oregon Trifecta, Slam City Jam, Etnies Goofy vs. Regular, Tim Brauch Memorial contest, and Desert Dog
A big shout out to Holly for taking the time to answer our questions
Holly currently has a pro deck out with Cool Girl skateboards -for more info go to and to find more info about Holly you can visit her personal page


After a week of rain it was nice to see the sun out again - and just in time for Skate-O-Rama. This event took place in Brighouse near Bradford, at possible the strangest little skatepark - comprising mainly of 2 launches, a box and 2 rails and a dodgy quarter and no bank (boohoo). Anyway the Roguesters Laura S and Jenna Selby decided to mission up - and what a mission. Laura left from nr.Cardiff and drove to Leicester, after a string of ring roads in the city centre and an illegal u-turn she got to the station, to pick up Jenna. They then got lost getting out of Leicester, but eventually made it onto the motorway - running rather late, but eventually arriving in Brighouse by about 2ish, Laura with a serious case of stiff legs after driving since 9am that morning. We soon discovered we where the two only girls except for a very young girl called Abi. We had a chilled warm up, where Laura skated well, doing some fakie half cab boardslides and switch 5-0 on the small rail, the nerves seemed to get the better of Jenna in the warm up and she took quite a bad slam. The tables turned during our 3min run. Laura landed a hand-plant on the quarter and some fakie 180 rocks as well as a bs boardslide on the rail and some flatland flips. She came close to a fakie 50-50 180 out on the box and fs boardslide and 50-50 on the rail, but unfortunately just couldn't pull them off. Jenna had a solid run though and did a nice noseslide on the box, a feeble stall and fs rock on the quarter aswell as a shovit on the big quarter and a fs boardslide on the rail.Abi the little girl who was skating in the warm up decided she didn't want to enter - so her mother entered instead (and she could ollie, not bad for a mom!). The comp was very chilled and relax except for everyone having to wear the helmets and looking abit silly (safety first girls and boys). Jenna took first in the end (baging herself a v.nice board) with Laura 2nd and Abi's Mom in third. The sponsors included Nikita and Vans + others and there where some local bands providing some live music. Laura manged to pull the 50-50 on the rail after the comp but Jenna took a another slam which involved a swollen wrist and a visit to the St johns crew for an ice pack. It had been a long day but loads of fun. Now for the big drive back and Laura's old skool mini was doing well. So in the go we car and drove off in the wrong direction only realising when we nearly hit Liverpool and had to drive all the way back in the Leeds direction - taken back almost and 1.5hrs. Jenna eventually got to Leicester train station by 9pm and Laura got back home after 12pm. Tired and worn out but stoked - just hope more girls come next year and a big shout out to Katie for organising it!

Friday, 6 July 2007


She Rolls now has a myspace page - to help network with even more girls who skate in the UK and Europe - so if your on myspace please add She Rolls -

Events - NASS and SKATE-O-RAMA

This weekend holds two events - the annual sports festival NASS - with it's 24hour skate park being hit up by various pro's, music and sports exhibitions. Emma Richardson and Maria Falbo are apparently going to be there. Hopefully we will ge to see some pics from this insane festival. The other event being Skate-O-Rama in Brighouse, West Yorkshire - on Saturday. This event is going to be having a girls division with loads of stuff to be won aswell as some live bands. If it's dry Laura S and Jenna Selby and possible Becky woods will be making there way up there.

Rosie Adams at Nass 2005

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Maria Falbo now on Insight Flow Team

The UK skater Maria Falbo is now the newest flow team member of the company sweet street label that is Insight. If you know anything about the girls scene here in the UK you will at some point of heard of Maria. She has been around for a few years now representing the UK girls at comps such Europeans in Basel and the local ones such as Girl skate Jam UK, and will possibly be seen on the streets Barcelona this summer. She also rides for Rogue Skateboards and Rockstar bearings.

Rogues got some New tee's!!!

Good news - Rogue, the All Girl UK Skate label has now expanded alittle and has made some sick tee's at a super good price of £8 inc p&p - so for some instant street cred at an amazing price - buy one! They also have some great decks in stock - 7.5, 7.75 and 8's - in two designs - St Paul's and Rogue Gun and are made with 100% Canadian maple and printed her in the UK. These sweet baby's that will make you pop higher than your dreams will set you back £35 (inc p&p) plus and extra £4 if you want Blueprint grip. Companies like this can only grow with your support!! You can order a deck by emailing: or got check there site out at