Monday, 18 June 2007

Girl Skate Jam UK 07 - St Albans

Well the 9th of June saw girls from all over the Uk and Europe (Belgium,Spain,Italy) come together at Pioneer for annual All Girl Skate Jam. Thankfully the weather was on our side allowing for a mini ramp jam which didn't happen last year due to rain. The two hour free jam was a great way for the girls to get to know each other and skate in a relaxed environment.

After the free jam the under 18 girls where up - some good tricks went down, Kim did a nice flip to fakie on the quarter and some tech flat land flips including switch and nollie flips and a sex change. Katie did some phat boneless's and early grabs out of the quarters and Georgina's

big heelflips on the bank and the driveway. In the over 18 street section Becky laid down some ollies over the driveway and boardslides on the rail, unfortunately having a bad slam on the big down rail. Kerry did a sweet noseslide down the box, boardslide the flat rail and some half cabs on the banks. Laura laid down a big 180 grab out the quarter and fakie big spin on the hip and 50-50 down the box. Then after a brief break it was outside to the Mini Ramp Jam where some great skating was seen - Katie with some interesting old skool tricks and 5-0 grinds, Sam flowing smoothly with some great fs 5-0's. Maria pulled out some good smiths, whilst Evelien popped out some huge 180 grabs and ollies aswell as tailslides. Silvia from Spain rode with speed and aggression pulling out some disasters and bs/fs 5-0's whilst younger Helena landed some blunts and handplants. Then onto the main event of the day the sponsored street. This section saw some amazing tricks from Rogue Skaters Sadie who pulled out fs flips switch flips, nollie flips on the hip, Maria with good clean flips over the drive way and Helena doing blunt fakie flips out on the quarter, Elenia did some smooth flips on the drive and nollie shovits, whilst Sam landed some boardslides down the big rail and came very close to getting a fs boardslide down as well. Lucy Adams landed some clean bs 50-50's on the box and fakie flips on the banks. Evelien just blew the park away with 50-50 and 5-0's down the rail, boardslide, lipslides feebles and smiths soon followed, landing a huge bluntslide at the end.
All in all it was a great day, everyone enjoyed themselves. There where also DJ's throughout the day and thanks to all the sponsors who sent the prizes and products and big ups to Jenna Selby and Jen for organising the event. The day ended with a couple of beers, lying down on the grass in the local park after a long day of skating.

All in all a very good day - high standard of skating and a great turn out.

The Final results where

Under 18 street
1st Georgina Winter
2nd Katie Hayden
3rd Kim Lewis

Over 18 street
Laura Schwormstedt
2nd Kerri Dennis
3rd Becky Wood

Mini Ramp

1st Helena Long,
2nd Silvia Serret
3rd Evelien Boulliart

1st Evelien Boulliart
2nd Lucy Adams
3rd Sam Bruce

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