Thursday, 23 August 2007


The Let the good times roll tour has now come to an end - boohoo. This was the first ever all-girl skate tour in the UK!! Although I am sure more are to come. The riders included Becky Wood, Georgina Winters, Kerri Dennis, Laura Schwormstedt , Sadie Hollins, Jenna Selby and Sam Bruce, plus filmer Claire Wilson. Also Leric 3 rider Candie and friend Cat joined the tour for the boardroom jam and ghetto Burton skate. Loads of fun and mischief was had on the tour, with car racing ( and nearly dying in a mini), sausage partie's, afro wearing and cheese throwing with the odd skate trick thrown in. A full review and loads of pics will be up very soon.

Boardroom Girls Skate Jam

The 2nd Boardroom Girls Skate Night took place on the 18th August and was also the first stop for the Let the Good Times Roll tour. The Night started off with fancy dress - which saw lots of wigs and colourful tight trousers, face paint, bling and skating in skirts. The turn out was good with girls coming from all over the show - London, Wales, Down South, Essex (sausage party) and the midlands. Some good tricks where thrown down on the bank and a good mini ramp sesh was had, aswell as some water barrier fun. The night ended with a very very long game of SKATE which had no real winner. Thanks to the organisers for putting on this event - you can check the park out at
more pics and proper review to come soon........................


Well it's that time of the year again - the X GAMES, and by the looks of the footage this year was by far the best for the womens street section. Marissa Dal Santo took the top position on what was her 20th birthday, beating Elissa Steamer and Amy Caron who made her way back to the podium at 3rd position. Lacey took 4th with Evelien placing 5th despite having a broken wrist. Vanessa took 6th, Lauren Perkins 7th and the youngest rider Leticia "tre flip" Bufoni taking 8th. Lynz Adams took the vert with Mimi Koop taking 2nd and Carabeth Burnsides placing 3rd. You can check out the street footy at

it's amazing!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007


NEWS BREAKING - First EVER to the UK - Girls Only skate Tour. Some come and support and show your love.